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Keynote-4-iPad TM (LIVE!) 2013

:: Introduction ::

An estimated 30 million presentations are given every day in offices around the world (New York Times).  In Keynote-4-iPadTM (LIVE!), Kevin will help transform the way you think about your style and technique when developing and delivering presentations. Kevin will inspire you to create simple, clean and coherent presentations allowing you to connect with your audience. Learn how to influence and educate your audience with dynamic presentations in no time. Kevin will teach you a structured yet flexible system to take you from concept, through design, and final delivery. In Keynote-4-iPadTM (LIVE!), Kevin tackles the complete process - from defining your mission, creating and weaving a story, to the on-screen options for presenting data, selecting images, and understanding when to use animations, transitions and techniques that will help prepare to deliver your presentation.

:: Overview ::

Keynote-4-iPadTM (LIVE!) with Kevin Jones is an interactive training session designed for iPad users who want to build presentations with rich graphics and clear concise messages. The training begins with an overview of the iPad, hand gestures, the Keynote interface and basic techniques for working with text and graphics, then quickly advances to cover adding multimedia files, tables, charts, and transitions to Keynote presentations. We end the session by reviewing the critical steps for preparing and the final delivery of your presentation.

Instructor: Kevin D. Jones

Subject: iPad Business Presentations made easy.

Software: Keynote for iPad

Hardware: iPad

Prerequisites: Users must already own a configured iPad with Keynote for iPad installed. General iPad knowledge is required.

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