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Now that you have a shiny new iPad in your hands, how do you put it to work? Keynote-for-iPad (Enhanced eBook) 2013 was created for the business professional, educator and student user. Our Comprehensive Visual Reference Guide is perfect for beginner and advanced users. A quick read with easy navigation. Read from cover to cover or use as a reference guide. Our Enhanced eBook will wow even the most savy technophile. Reading is available in portrait and landscape modes with 100's of photos for visual reference. Bookmark content, create notes and watch videos without leaving the book. Unlike most technical manuals filled with cohaxigogans and ramastands (technical mumbo jumbo), our reference guide is easy to use, has simple language with a logical flow. Through our partnership with you will receive a discount code for a FREE professional Keynote for iPad template with your purchase. Purchase your copy today!  Let us know what you think and rate the book.  Don't know how?  Click here to learn how to rate or leave a comment for Keynote for iPad (Enhanced eBook).  We would love to hear from you.

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